High-rise client, Realtor Shirley Sanders:  "The
difference in Bill and other architects and designers is
that Bill listens"  
Remodeling client, Jim Paulsen: "Bill gave us everything
we wanted in a way we never imagined".
Client Comments
High-rise clients, Tom and Nancy Reiter:  "You
achieved the 18th century/Jeffersonian/Shaker
appearance we were hoping for--i.e. simple but elegant."
Frequently asked Questions
Influences and Process
High-rise client, Dr. Stephanie Knight:  we sing your
praises anytime people remark on the condo, and they
do so often.  They are doubly impressed when I tell
them that you also had wonderful suggestions about
furniture etc. to compliment the setting and I did not
need - or want - a decorator as a result.
Contact Us
High-rise client, Michael Pullara:  "Every morning,
Beverly and I look around and say that we are lucky to
live here"
Remodeling client, Sherry Kerbow:  "You have not only
made my house look wonderful, but you have kept me
out of a lot of trouble.  ....I have a new beautiful house
and had fun doing it with my new friend."
Restaurant  client, George Mickelis, Cleburne Cafeteria:
 "Not only does the building flow well and is totally
functional, it is truly a beautiful structure."
Remodeling client, Ben Glass:  "Thank you again for
coming up with such great ideas for my L.A. home."
Remodeling client, Kay McKneely:  "What a fabulous
plan!  It's exactly what I had in mind, but of course
couldn't design it.
Commercial remodeling client, the Volunteer Center of
Houston:  "The space turned out extremely well and we
have received many compliments from those visiting the
Center as well as from the staff and volunteers utilizing
the space
High-rise client, Louis DelHomme:  "...I look at every
recommendation that Bill suggested and I accepted and
I would say that he was correct one hundred percent of
the time as it relates to the design and layout of my
Commercial and residential client, Randy Drake:  Your
web site is a perfectly simple solution, just like your
architectural designs.
Bill May Architect     3701 Rice Blvd, Houston, TX 77005    713-666-5669